Fanmiles GmbH

Loyalty Programms

Creative Lead Visual Content - multiple Programms:


HSV Bonus



BayerLeverkusen- Bonus

BATMAN Live - Bonus

Client: Fanmiles GmbH

This was one of the most multidisciplinary and interesting jobs (Route section of the journey) I`ve ever had. I met a lot of talented, cool and interesting people on the way.

As one of the first employees I took part in creating the brand "Fanmiles" and over a stretch of 5 years had my hands in the developing it with all the growing pains that comes naturally with such an idea that started from scratch.

Creative Team Lead Visual Content

I led a team of 4-7 Designers with a variation of main emphasis in skills to counter not only our every day tasks like the development of our own Product (Fanmiles Bonus Programm), but also implementing or adapting third-party designs and content to various Bonus Programms (See List Above) while ensuring our quality standards. 

From Ui & Ux, Web Design, Product Development, POS Communication Material, Presentations for B2B and B2C, Animation-Videos, Photo Productions and so on... we did it all!